Thursday, 10 November 2011

Walkin in San Pedro de Macoris

A small sketch 4"x6" pen and ink and watercolour. A small less than perfect palm tree in front of a casa. Just right for a small sketch. The original looks better I had trouble matching the original colours with camera and photo editor. Is no importante. Is still bueno.

   It has been raining a lot. We had planned walking to a hair salon we found on one of walking excursions, but the roads were too wet.
   Today is Angies birthday, she turns 10. We wished her happy birthday - feliz cumpleanos. We also bought our cell phones today, $1780 pesos for two. Our driver Andy took us an a tour of the city of San Pedro after dark.

Nov. 4/11
Victor has been taking Rick out on his bike around San Pedro Macoris. Yesterday they went to an outdoor running track and Rick walked a few laps, although he ran a bit Victor said no no not good, so walking it is.

We went on a long walk today. On the way we passed by an older couple who, when they found out we were going to la tienda -a store they said they were hungry.
We decided to try and buy something for them. Further on our walk we ran into some Dominicans we knew and a young man from Haiti.
When we got to the store we found out it was a cafeteria type restaurant. On the way back we brought the elderly couple some snacks we bought. They thanked us and we went on our way.
Later that evening we went to the home of our new friends and they already had their Christmas tree up and decorated. Christmas celebrations must start early here.

Today we studied Spanish more intensley. Victor warned me to be careful and not be too friendly with strangers as they get too close and pick pocket your wallet. I said I would pass that message on to Rick.
We have had no water all day so the rain we got was welcome. Ilda and I once again filled our containers with rain water which we will use. I will buy another large container so I can fill my washing machine, that is if we have power, which we do not have today.

No water, no power, no internet, but life still goes on here in the Dominican Republic.
Ilda brought us our coffee, thank you Lord for propane stoves. All day long we see motorcycles carrying empty propane bottles to a gas station and then bringing back the full bottles to their homes. The motorcycle is the main mode of transport here, they carry everything. Five gallon water bottles, rebar and pvc pipe is dragged along behind the bike. Three on a motorcycle is common and Rick claims he saw 6 people on one bike heading down street. There is a group of motorcycle taxis at the end of our street waiting for customers.Morning is their busiest time  when people are heading to work.
Ilda is a Health Nurse, today she will be distributing flyers warning of the dangerous dengua mosquitoe. We are very careful not to leave standing uncovered water anywhere as they breed very fast.
The waters back! It's shower time !!!!!

No power all day. I washed our sheets and towels by hand.

Washday with Ilda. There is nothing fresher than a sun dried wash.Victor and Rick took the motorbike downtown to the electric company to complain about the loss of power. A repair truck arrived in the afternoon to fix the transformer. We have power!

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  1. Ola! It's fun to read your posts ~ I'll show the blog to Greg soon too, so he can see what's up with you. Hope we can Skype sometime soon as well.