Saturday, 5 November 2011

Security meets art

security meets art
                                       Highend Casa with heavy security  

Here are some pictures of the area we are living in, in San Pedro. Black and white always add something to a picture. This area is quite safe, it is a mixture of those living well, those which would classified in the Dominican as middle class and those living in various degrees of poverty.
The last picture is a picture of a carpenters wife standing in front of her home. It is very poor lacking in what we would call essentials yet everyone in this family is clean, polite and happy. The husband knows his trade well and is very pleasent. When he was doing some work in our apartment I thought I would  wash and clean up a few dishes, when the oldest girl saw me doing that she said, "no no,"  then gently pushed me away and finished what I had started. Needless to say I was both surprised and impressed.

           Poverty according to anyones standards is a detriment  and a burden  to anyone but this home as poor as it is is clean inside and out and the family is exceptional. Below is their extended family including the grandmother. I must admitt that some friends came by and warned us that it was dangerous where we were, however knowing people in the neighborhood is the best way to stay safe.

Rick. Nov.5/11

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