Thursday, 24 November 2011

Caribbean Swim

  Looking west from San Pedro towards Mexico

   Last weekend Victor decided we should all go to the beach. One we chose was a beach used mostly by locals but there was hardly anyone there. Victor said the weather would be fine, no jubia (rain).
   We rented four beach chairs, a table and an umbrella under a large tree. Rick and Victor sat and watched as Ilda, Angie and I played in the ocean, no sooner had we started enjoying the warm salt water when torrential rains began. We stayed another 15 minutes to collect some correl then we left.
  Iida's daughter Margarita has invited us to be part of the annual march to make people aware of the ongoing problem of violence against women here in the Dominican Republic. This march was started over 30 years ago after three women from one family were murdered.
   A group of ladies from Ilda's church came by to pray for her because they heard she was not feeling well. One of the women, Rosa spoke english and she asked me to read psalm 86. I read it spanish to them and she then asked me to read it in english for us.
Rick was asked to expound upon it. Afterwards they asked if Rick was a pastor. He said no. Then we all stood up and prayed for Ilda..


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