Saturday, 10 March 2012

Independence Day Dominican style

It is Independence Day in the Dominican Republic. All over the country people are celebrating the hard won Independence, an Independence that called for the sacrifice of many lives.

Yesterday Gloria put up a medium size Flag on our balcony. 
Dominican People walking by would see it and give us the thumbs up sign. 
Today the celebrations start and it seems the best place to be will be downtown at the City Center Park

We are at the park and our motobike taxie driver Wagner, will be with us for most of the day. There are thousands of people downtown taking part in the celebrations. Flags are everywhere. There are marching bands, and hundreds of marching school children. They will all be marching toward the Malacon.

The big celebration and parade was held in Santo Domingo and I imagine there were all kinds of marching bands. Here in San Pedro de Macoris the marchers were mostly young men and women .

Whats a parade without dozens of lovely young woman. There seems to be no shortage of young people, and they love their  many national holidays

Drummers are an absolute necessity

Ready set, wait!

One of the many schools involved in the parade. Follow the drummers

 All kinds of people turn out for a parade

The parade winds through the street and finishes at the large white Cathedral near the Malacon. This is were the crowds gather, it is a two lane street that runs for 5 or 6 miles along the Caribbean. On the ocean side there are dozens of tiny booths that sell booze.  Sometimes, late in the evening it does create problems but during daylight hours it is not bad.

As I said the  Malacon is a twin roadway that runs for 5-6 miles along the edge of the ocean. The road is closed off to all traffic allowing people to celebrate in a safe environment. The road is filled with all kinds of people, some dressed in costumes, vendors walking up and down selling their wares, food vendors in small portable kitchens preparing local delights that any one can afford and if not, Dominicans will buy something for you.

The hundreds of children here are having a great time. The beach is full of kids either playing in the ocean or flying kites. The kites are usually made of plastic bags and what ever else they can find. There are literally hundreds either being made or in the air. The largest one we saw must have been 20x15 feet. I not sure if they flew the thing. I really think something that large is dangerous to the people on the ground.

Even mom gets involved.

It seems everyone likes to have their picture taken and they all like to pose.

A fiend of Wagners our moto taxi driver.

Posing seems to come naturally

All I said was, "can I take your picture."

Well that' all folks!

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