Thursday, 15 December 2011

How many people can you fit on one motorbike?
How many can you count?

Nov. 25/11 
   Today we walked to a bueno (good) cafeteria which is on the edge of San Pedro, on the La Romana highway.
It is listed as a top 10 place to eat in the Samana Peninsula.
   Rick and I along with Margarita and her husband Andy attended a baseball game at the stadium in San Pedro. Andy loves baseball and wanted us to go. It was a wonderful experience, exciting and the crowd was unbelievable, they were, enthusiastic, loud and some were even dancing in the stands.
   The final score in this crazy game was 11 to 1 for San Pedro. Many of the players are professional baseball players from the United States so these teams in the Dominican play to a very high standard of baseball.
However it was a Dominican player, Felix Pie that played above and beyond everyone else driving in 6 runs including a grand slam home run at the end.
  After the game we went for hamburgers and hot dogs at one of the many small food vendors, they were delicious and Rick said it was the best hot dog he had ever eaten.
  They cook them and load them with peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, mustard mayonnaise and ketchup.

   No water, no shower, no power, no Internet and no sleep. The stray dogs barked most of the night.
   Ilda went to a neighbour next door to get some water. She came back carrying a huge container (a garbage can) of water on her head.
   Water, power and the Internet was restored this afternoon.

   Today a friend of the family took us on tour of San Pedro de Macoris. It was great. He filled us in on a lot of history and stories of the Dominican Republic.

One of the stops, a cigar manufacturing store.

This old fellow is blind but Doggie our guide says he walks downtown every day. It must be about 5 or 6 miles

The old area are full of colonial type buildings, some in good shape some in poor shape. There are also a number that have been restored. For an artist it is an ideal site to go through and sketch and take photos.

A great old buiding or what is left of it. I took a dozen pictures from different angles.


   Today was quiet and we spent most of the day studying our Spanish. Our friends from Edmonton Skyped us we had a marvelous visit.

   Well, Christmas is just around the corner we are curious to how they will celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
   On the 20th of December the whole family, including us, will be going to Santo Domingo to help celebrate Victors mom's birthday.
   The weather is becoming cooler. This is the Dominican winter, the temperature during the day is about 29 celcius and at night it's about 20 degrees which makes sleeping easier.
  We have two glass windows and three louvered windows which can be opened or closed. They are usually left open to help cool the apartment.

Our tiny home away from. Small but comfortable most days.

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